About Us1

Mumtaz Construction Group is a dominant civil engineering company in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Mumtaz was incorporated in 1991 with the intent of turning into a key solution in executing big projects in Afghanistan. Our years of experience, broad range of clients such as World Bank, KFW (Bank of Germany), Ministry of Water and Energy , Ministry of Urban Development, PRT Italy, Italian Corporation, name a few, and a long list of capability means that we are able to implement multi-million dollar projects successfully.

After two decades of war, Afghanistan is moving towards rehabilitation, reconstruction and development. It is self evident that turning Afghanistan into a peaceful stabilized and developed country can be achieved by mainly relying on the existing national capacities and capabilities. Mumtaz was established with the goal of utilizing Afghan capacity in the reconstruction of Afghanistan infrastructure. MUMTAZ Group along with its expert engineers and skilled personnel is devoted to provide construction services, participate in the reconstruction of the country and prove that Afghans themselves are able to build their country.

Mumtaz Construction Group is registered in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) with registration No: D-21894 

Having strong partners, huge Investment, enough financial capacity, capable suppliers,  building material production factories, experienced engineers, skilled personnel, professional draftsmen and designers has been active in designing, supervision, construction and implementation of water supply, water distribution, water and wastewater treatment plants, wastewater collection, irrigation, and canalization systems. Mumtaz has also been involved in designing, construction, implementation of apartment buildings, Business centers, Concrete water reservoirs, roads, bridges, earth dams and supplying of construction material to all provinces .

Mumtaz Group along with its subcontractors and partners work, with the idea that they could  bring possitive changes to Afghan Sociaty and improving civil standards.

In short, we believe Mumtaz Group is the best value Design/Build and supplying firm for this effort because we are smart, effective, flexible, experienced and above all our unit is completely consists of Afghan Nationals.