Quality Control1

Quality Control is strictly followed in the workplace as per contract requirements and code of practice. The ASTM and DIN standards area available as reference. A quality Control officer is employed who systematically monitoring the related issues and conduct necessary site trainings.


As concrete work is the dominant and important part of our works, the necessary equipment to make the Slump test, Taking concrete samples, Preserve the samples and conducting the Crush Tests area available with Mumtaz.

It was always urged to obtain the company certificates of type of cement and Iron bar provided to be according to international standards. On top of that, test of cement and Iron bars to be according to the project technical specification is done prior to starting of concrete work. The result sheet was shared with Employers and their approval was obtained.

Mumtaz has also have selected a number of famous and reliable Laboratories (NESPAK and Bakhter) in different region of Afghanistan for Water and Soil tests.