Safety Policy1

Safety  Training:

As per safety policy each staff has to join two hours basic training on safety.

This is mandatory for the new employees especially in construction, water supply and Industrial section.

One hour annual update training of safety for all staff is also provided

Safety cloths:

Mumtaz provides safety hamlets, shoes, gloves, glasses, masks and cloths as per season and type of work especially for the Engineer, foreman, technical workers and industrial workers. These are not mandatory for the administrative staff, but in especial circumstances.

Safety resources:

Safety clothes are supplied to all projects. On top of that especial scaffolding, ladders and curtains are provided for each construction job. Where applicable, supports to old buildings and trenches are provided to prevent collapsing.

Provision against the fire is foreseen for all buildings and vehicles.

Medical emergency kits are provided almost at all projects. At least two person are trained how to use it.

Clean drinking water and food is the company obligation in the projects. Sanitation and sanitary facilities for the staff is provided.


Where applicable, the staff and our vehicles are insured.