Design/ Construction Of:

  1. Water Supply

A1. Wells:

  • Geological Survey
  • Well Electro-logging
  • Design and Construction of deep wells; drilling, sampling, sieve analysis, pipe lowering, gravelling, well development, well test, blocking, installation and gravelling.
  • Well’s dis-infection, water chemical/biological tests.
  • Civil works related to wells; Construction of well chambers, supply and installation of well heads, Design, construction of well rooms, Construction of Fences and access road to the well plots, etc.
  • Design, supply and installation of submersible pumps, surge pumps and hand pumps, supply and installation of riser pipes and standard well heads.
  • Rehabilitation of old wells.
  • Design, supply and installation of Generator sets for the wells.

A2. Water Supply Networks:

  • Survey and Profile of pipelines.
  • Design of water supply networks pipes and booster pumps.
  • Construction of Manholes and thrust blocks.
  • Design, supply and Installation of Surge Vessles.
  • Design, supply and installation of AVs and Wash outs.
  • Design, supply and installation of House Connections, Water meters and accessories.
  • Construction of Concrete ground and tower water reservoirs.
  • Construction of Steel water tower reservoirs.
  • Repair of old reservoirs.
  • Construction of pump houses, generator houses, booster pump stations.
  • Earth work related to water supply projects (Excavations, Backfilling, River crossings).
  • Supplying and laying of PE pipes, PVC pipes, DCI pipes and Steel pipes.
  • Supply and installation of all kinds of fittings and valves.
  • Water tightness and water pressure tests.
  • Preparing of As-built Drawings.

A3. Sanitary Sewer Collection System:

  • Construction of Sewer Treatment Plant and stabilization ponds as well as effluent disposal facility.
  • Survey and Profile of Sanitary systems.
  • Supply and installation of all kind of Concrete, PVC and Corrugated pipes for Sewage system.


  1. Civil Structures

Mumtaz Group, has the capacity and capability to serve virtually all of our clients’ civil engineering needs including Survey, Design and Construction. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

B1. General Buildings

  • Apartment Buildings
    • Business Centers
    • Barracks
    • Dining Facilities
    • Schools and Clinics
    • Pre-cast elements
    • Security Barriers
    • Play-grounds
    • Providing Concrete Mixed designs.
    • Taking Concrete Samples for tests.

B2. Irrigation Channels:

  • Survey and design of Irrigation Channels and facilities.
  • Construction of intakes at river sides.
  • Construction of super-passages.
  • Construction of Aqueducts and water dividers.
  • Construction of box culverts.
  • Construction of Flood protection facilities (retaining and protection walls from Stone masonry, Mass concrete, Gabion Works, etc.).
  • Re-shaping of canals.
  • Quality control of construction phases.

B3. Roads Projects:

  • Survey and Design of Road projects.
  • Explosions and excavation of Rocks.
  • Construction of Passes
  • Earth work including excavation, backfilling, compaction etc.
  • Base and Sub-base jobs.
  • Construction of Culverts and bridges.
  • Construction of retaining walls.
  • Necessary Soil tests.
  • Footpaths and Road side ditches

B4. Construction of Dame:

  • Explosions and excavation in rocks.
  • Construction of Power Houses.
  • Construction of earth dame